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The Stephen Minister Team at Christ Lutheran has been, and still is experiencing a life-changing commitment. Jesus has called each and every one of us to follow Him, just as surely as if we were standing by the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The Lord has opened our hearts to the needs of suffering people. The Holy Spirit has gifted us to serve God and those we reach out to in our ministry of compassion.

As Stephen Ministers at Christ Lutheran, we experience the Holy Spirit empowering us to love others as he has loved us. We make caring, confidential visits…we listen to our care receivers…we listen to their burdens…all the while knowing that Jesus is there as Our Companion, Our Guide, Our Strength, and Our Inspiration.

The joy of Stephan Ministers, as Kenneth Haugk the founder of our ministry puts it,

“J-esus, O-thers, Y-ou.”
This is the JOY of a Stephen Minister.

We are brothers and sisters in Christ who go forth into our community to help our fellow Christians by being a shoulder to lean on..by being someone who cares, and someone who listens, and most importantly, all is done in an EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL MANNER.


Stephen Ministry

2024-01-21 12:57:36 dporzel

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OVERWHELMED? GRIEVING? FEELING BROKEN? Stephen Ministry is here to help. We will walk
beside you with compassionate, consistent and confidential care. If you or someone you
know could use the help of a Stephen Minister, please contact one of our Stephen Leaders:
Carl Jancik, (708) 334-5608, jjbird34@aol.com, or Debbie Fricke, (708) 497-5603,

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Stephen Ministers

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ARE YOU GOING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME? Stephen Ministers are members of our
congregation who listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support to people
who are facing a crisis or going through tough times. The care you’ll receive is confidential,
free, and very helpful. To learn how you – or a friend, neighbor, coworker or relative – can
receive care, talk to Pastor Chuck or Stephen Ministry Leader Carl Jancik (708-334-5608).

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