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Safe in Jeremie – arrived yesterday afternoon, spent evening unpacking 32 checked bags / 28 carried ons.
ALL made it arriving last evening around 10 PM.  This AM prayers of THANKS to God for our 1st trip without loosing several.  Some Damage and there was a battle going thru Customs with officials wanting to confiscate some. Got through after a facedown and a loss of ONE pair of eyeglasses.
Thanks – many were praying us through Customs. We were warned ahead of time to expect problems this year. A Big prayer of Thanks. God is Good all the time!
We have been praying that God would let his love shine this week in the eyes of all who see his workers.
Last night and again this afternoon everyone is sorting Meds and repackaging for the Med Clinics.
Barb is sorting Glasses for the Eye Clinic.
This mornings VBS (Saturday) was an especially joyful time seeing the school building that was erected two years ago in a VERY CHRISTIAN Education. You should have seen the faces in a packed school room. and as the word spread in Jeremie more children (street children) continued to flow onto the grounds. Along with a fair number of adult watching from a distance. May Gods light shine brightly as all who participated or even watched from a distance.

Daniel during Craft Time after a energetic Story Time By Jan & Pastor Edger telling the Story of Daniel in the Lions Den & Gods Protection.

Children blowing Bubbles after VBS

A make shift Pharmacy in hotel lobby

“For Such a Time as this”
This afternoon as everyone was working & sorting Meds our Haitian Dr. Marks, who we helped last years team along with Dr. Susan Busse walked in and emotionally collapsed into the arms of Sue and Joyce. His brother was just killed in a bus accident.  We have met with the Doctor for the last two days planning the weeks Med Clinics up in the mountains. When we parted a few hours ago everyone’s mood was joyful and a lot energy with great planing and high expectation for the week ahead. Thanking God Joyce and Sue were right here as he came in. Our understanding from last year is that he is not a believer but because of his human compassion and dedicated work – the team decided to include him again this year. Could this be divine timing to have his Christian friends here in his hour of need. For such a time as this – he turned to the only people that could help. Emotionally – and yes financially but maybe even more importantly Spiritually!
Please join us in praying for Dr. Marks and his family this week.
Please pray that we may know how to let the Love of Christ shine in the weeks and months to come.
Dr. Marks is indeed one of Haitian Friends.

Pastor Isaac, Dr. Marks, and Pastor Edgar earlier today in our sorting room here at hotel.

I found my budding Haitian Artist.
Haitian artistry is valued worldwide.
Every time we visit we try to bring artwork home and sell it. For a decade now I have said if we could only find a member of Pastor’s Church who could Paint. Paintings could be brought back to states and sold with entire profit sent back to support orphanage. Today I watched in amazement as Nelson drew freehand several sketches. Nelson was the first orphan taken in by Pastor and Madame Jacquet.
Pastor met Nelson while visiting in the Country 6 years ago – His mother had died and he had severe skin problems so Isaac took him back to Jeremie’s Hospital. When released, Pastor said he would take him back to his village – But Nelson pleaded to stay with Pastor and family – and So the Beginning of the 30+ Isaac Orphans.
Tonight he danced during evening worship. When we return will upload to YouTube.
Only problem is his second drawing also of a mermaid only had half a head.
Maybe he has a problem planning ahead.
He also drew a Whale which was last years JONAH VBS .
Today at Church he promised he would draw more for me.
Dear Friends Of Haiti
Today we were blessed to serve over 200 people at our medical and eye glass clinic held in Jeremie.

We were visited by people who remembered us from last year and came to thank us for returning.

Verlande was the young lady who had both legs crushed in the earthquake last year.
We prayed with her one evening after church last year in her home.
She made a remarkable recovery and spent much time with us the last two days.
Although she is still in much pain she is walking again.
Things are changing in Jeremie. Pastor’s Church is growing and many local people are receiving us with open arms.
The school in Jeremie that several of you helped build is open and serving about 176.

Tomorrow we will go to Dame Marie,this is the school that we sponsor through Trinity Hope’s Feeding Program.

Earthquake update.

Charles JR the expressionless little boy who was buried alive for several days with is dead aunt is now the ‘life of the party’. His smiles and energy can be dangerous. Isaac’s Orphanage has brought life to this lad’s future.

Verlande the young lady who legs were crushed in Port au Prince sang standing up Sunday in church. Without access to medical care – she was bedridden and the team last year was told said she would never walk again. They prayed with her. She is afraid return to PaP and will continue her education her in Jeremie but wanted to thank all of you who paid for the doctors. She can now walk but with a lot of pain. She learned in English the words to “From Heaven to Earth / from the Cross to the Grave” knowing we were returning this week to Jeremie.

God does work in mysterious ways…

Got to share. Keep in mind yesterday we fitted 155 people with eyeglasses. Today in MarFranc another 79. As we were exiting and loading up the truck a little boy whose observed his grandfather being fitted showed up with his own creations:
Somewhere he found some old wire and made is own – he had us all laughing !
Now you know why we love this place…

God is good. June ’08 helped a blind lady out of church on a dark Haitian night. Uneven stairs, across an open sewer , down an unlighted, pot holed Jeremie street she disappeared. The next morning at breakfast the discussion centered on the absence of eyeglasses on all we met. Thus was born HHF’s eyeglass clinic. I regretted not coming last year but was determined to help this year. Sunday morning I saw the and once again made my way thru the crowd of people to help her down the uneven stairs. Still Blind but wearing stylish glasses she thanked me profusely in kreyol.

Yesterday I watched as over 155 people were fitted with used American Eyeglasses.

Thank you Jesus!

Prayer request:

Up and ready at 6:30 AM to head to up into the mountain village of Don Marie. We were held up by news that the road was closed by rioters. Elections are next week and protesters were blocking the roads and pelting vehicles with rocks. We regrouped and re-vehicled to enclosed SUV rather than sitting in the back of open pickups. Pastor decided it was safer to drive the to MarFranc instead. We unexpectedly provided the community with an eyeglass clinic and along with two Haitian doctors offered a medical clinic. What a joy to see appreciative faces. Pray for God’s protection and directions the balance of the week – looks like a bumpy week ahead. God knows where we are needed – in him we put our trust.

The main roads continue to be blocked by rioters so for the last three days we have had to completely change our plans. A pastor emailed me when I asked for prayers regarding safety and disappointment due election protesters. He reminded us that when doors are closed God will open others.Wow – what Beautiful Door have been opened to us these last three days. Marfranc on Tuesday, Carrefoursano on Wed., highlighted today with Bouduin. Crossing the Grand Arnese we almost lost Doris and Sue due to swift currents but several men rushed to stop them from floating down stream.

About 12 of the school children in uniform came down to the river to help carry our Meds, VBS material and tubs of seeds and gardening tools across the river and up the mountain side.

Bouduin is one of the schools we support the teachers and Trinity Hope in return provides the 70 students with a meal of beans and rice once a day. What wonderful and welcoming people – BUT the greatest joy was observing the constant flow of students and villagers using the clean water filtration system many of you purchased (300 total @ 35.00 ea).

Again today we planted gardens and provide villages with over 5000 seed packages hybrid specifically for Haiti. C ompliments of Hope Seeds.Children and adults joined in the gardening.

Team photo

Gods blessings continued today at the remote mountain village Lutheran Church of Fond Rouge high above city of Jeremie. Community is too poor to offer a school and the children, if they can afford, need to walk two hours to attend. If and When finances are available Pastor would love to provide a Christian school locally. The director of feeding programs for Trinity Hope has been with us all week and said if we could pay for teachers – he would help us get a daily feeding for students. Pray that we can locate sponsors to help bless this community.

While the Medical clinic took place inside the church – we entertained the flow of people down the road.
Each patent was asked if we could pray with them and outside we sang “He is Alive” in Kryole.
Childrens games also attracted many adults who wanted us to repeat our games with a spiritual message. Best part of the day was very intense discussion of where Christ was. Several men knew Christ had died on the cross but were not ready to accept that the risen Christ was in Heaven. Pray for these men and their obvious quest for answers.

10 days that challenged and changed lives.

We brought Doctors and Meds to rural communities.

Provided Eyesight through your donations of Eyeglasses.

We Prayed together and played together. We Sang and Worshipped together.

Planted gardens and provided 5000 seed packets to local pastors to distribute to 500 families.
The VBS told the story of Daniel in the Lions den and how God protects those who call on him.

Children made Lion faces that hung around their necks and throughout the afternoon they would make loin noises and pretend to eat each other.

Tonight we eat and dance together with Pastor Isaac, his family and the orphans.

Remember to Thank God with us and to Pray our safe return to our families.


Entering the next part of the journey: Homeward bound and then “THE STORY”.
It’s not about me. It is All about GOD. To be sure there will be many stories to be told and shared – pray that CHRIST is always FRONT and CENTER.

“Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds
AND PRAISE your FATHER in heaven”
Matthew 5:15-16

  • Pray for safe travel, and for ease of flight connections.

Then pray

  • for spiritual growth and changed lives,
  • Pray that the focus of members stories honor and reflect Gods role in the mission trip
  • May God’s Holy Spirit open doors to tell His STORY.

Plan for Saturday Flight to Port au Prince, Flight to Miami, Flight to Chicago.

Hard to say Goodbye to those you love..