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LETTER FROM HAITIAN LUTHERAN MISSION PROJECT [excerpts] This letter is written with some sadness but the HLMP board members have given this decision much prayer, though, and discussion. We have asked Pastor Isaac to close the orphanage that he runs in his home in Jeremie, Haiti. When the orphanage opened about 10 years ago with just a few children, we were pleased to help support it….When I returned to Jeremie in 2016, most of the original children we came to know and love were gone….a new regulation concerning orphanages was being enforced. Once a child turned 18 they had to leave the orphanage. We feel, at this time, it is not a good idea for Pastor and his wife to restart the orphanage with new children. Our focus began with bringing hope to the people of Haiti through a relationship with Jesus. We feel the best way to continue with that focus is through the 17 Lutheran Schools in the Jeremie District. Each of these 17 schools is in the feeding program…which gives each child that attends school one meal of rice and beans a day…These children are taught not only to read and write but also about the love of Jesus and when they go home, they often pass this on to their parents. The HLMP thanks you for generous support of Pastor Isaac’s orphanage for so many years….If you have a desire to continue to support the HLMP we would greatly appreciate contributions directed to our teachers. These schools provide education to so many children that normally would never be able to attend public school, not to mention one meal a day to nourish their hungry bodies. ~ Blessings, Sue Gross