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by Dean Porzel

Hits: 36Through the vision of Don Pleger, assisted by Ernst Zimmermann, the OWLS – Older, Wiser, Livelier Seniors – was formed in 1991. Membership in the group was for those 50 years of age and older. The purpose of the group was to provide Christian fellowship, social activities and service to the church.Over the years, […]


by Dean Porzel

Hits: 17 The summer worship schedule begins Saturday, May 28,and continues through Sunday, September 5. The Saturday worship service will be at 5:00, and Sunday services will be held at 8:00 and 10:00.


by Dean Porzel

Hits: 56A WALK THROUGH THE BIBLE JOURNEY – EXODUS, led by Pastor Chuck, continues this Monday, July 26, at 6:30, via zoom. (Meeting ID: 862 8361 5605, Password: 020519).


by Dean Porzel

Hits: 12 Praise the Lord! To date, a total of $10, 725 has been received from the following people for the purchase and installation of TV monitors on each side of the Chancel wall in the Church Sanctuary: Johann Alm Karen Jelinek Lee & Kathi Reinbolt William & Millie Bard Richard & Luz Jelinek Pete […]

Remote Worship

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 5Christ Lutheran Church will provide a live stream of the 9:30 service on the Christ Lutheran Church Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/ChristLutheranOrlandPark/ This opportunity for “remote worship” will be provided as an option during the current COVID-19 health emergency for those who choose not to physically attend Sunday worhip services. We would like to remind you […]


by Dean Porzel

Hits: 3   Do you have an artistic eye that you would love to share with our church? This Lenten season use your skills for photography and submit a digital picture that best represents an aspect of the Christian faith and a connection to Christ Lutheran Church or surrounding area. No family portraits, pet photos, […]

Pastor’s Corner:  September, 2019

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 13    Back to It with the Lord!   This morning I made my way to church on 151st Street going west and needed to be thoughtful along the way.  For a couple of months, my speed stayed a constant 35 mph, but as an early bird I now needed to fly a little […]

Honoring the Saints    

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 4  By Barb Mazarakos  “Saints” are not something that many would associate with the Lutheran church in the same way that we do with our Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters. We don’t elevate them to a higher “position”, or offer prayers to them as intercessors to God. As Lutherans we are taught that […]

Setting a Strong Foundation

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 21 Setting a Strong Foundation       By Barb Mazarakos      January 22-28, 2017 marks National Lutheran Schools Week throughout the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Education has been a firm priority for the LCMS since it began back in 1847 with just 12 congregations and 14 schools. What a blessing it is then […]

Fishers of Men

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 37Fishers of Men  By Ray Delcourt    Legend tells the story: A boy is on the beach tossing Starfish back in to the ocean one at a time. There are thousands of them on this beach. The young boy just keeps picking one up and heaving it into the watery abyss. An old man […]

Voters Meetings: Why Do We Need Them?

by Dean Porzel

Hits: 17Voters Meetings: Why Do We Need Them? By Peter Schrank Individual LCMS Churches are led by their members, not by a larger diocese or administrative body.  We do not have Bishops and Archbishops to oversee the administration of church matters.  What this means is that Lutheran Churches are required to have essential semiannual voters […]

New Events

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Hits: 4 https://www.calendarwiz.com/cwlist/cwlist_page.html?crd=clctest&theme=CLC1&color_a=%23E6E6E6&color_b=%23D5D5D5

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