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To my dear friends and saints at Christ Lutheran: [excerpts]

Thank you! We are blessed to have the support of fellow believers of Christ Jesus who believe in the
work God has placed before us to do. When we started Forged by Fire, I would have never dreamed
that God would bless us the way He has…. We strive to fulfill our mission statement of “Feeding body
and soul” every time we go out. I always believe that whatever food we are serving…it is a plate of
hope. We bring hope to people when times seem the darkest. … We also show them that they are
loved and cared about. We do this because of our Savior’s love for us and for them. …
I learned a lot about that love while on our vicarage at Christ Lutheran. Through the ministries that you
offered, the community outreach you shared and compassion for those in need, was always at the
forefront of your minds. “Reaching in to reach out” was lived out in the lives of your members. …
Thank you again, thank you for supporting our work and helping us reach out to those in need, both
body and soul. Your friends in Christ….Paul and Peggy Ernewein [entire letter on bulletin board by gym]