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At Christmastime, the Spirit of Giving is ubiquitous. A time we ponder what is something special we can do for our loved ones.
Keeping the Spirit of Giving in mind, have you ever considered what you can do for your fellow Christians? We as Stephen Ministers have, and continue to fully experience the Spirit of Christian Giving. After all, it is a gift from the Holy Spirit.

Gerry Bronzell, our leader, is considering retirement in the next couple of years. Perhaps you have been searching for a way to experience the ultimate Christian experience of love and giving. If so, Gerry will train you as a Stephen Minister and, if after the training period is finished
you feel comfortable with the ministry and like to be a co-leader with Gerry, then please contact Gerry or Pastor Ray.
If you are already trained as a Stephen Minister and interested in co-leading with Gerry, then contact us. Professional training as a Stephen Leader will be conducted by Stephen Ministry headquarters out of St. Louis.
Christ Lutheran Stephen Ministry was blessed and honored to be featured in a recent mailing by Dr. Haugk as below. Thank you to our Stephen Ministers and Leader Gerry for their support and help during this time of pandemic. Hebrews 13: 8! RR+

Dear Gerald,
Many congregations have shared with us examples of how they’re using the pandemic fatigue resources we’ve shared with them—encouraging people to receive the care of a Stephen Minister. One of them is Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Orland Park, Illinois.

In this brief video, Stephen Leader Gerry Bronzell
connects to the heart of people’s experiences in this painful time.

[Full video is featured on the Stephen Ministry website and can be viewed

New Resources for Recruiting Stephen Ministers (stephenministries.org)

You can check out the resources they’re using to find care receivers with pandemic fatigue at stephenministries.org/fatigue.
Stephen Ministry congregations like Gerry’s continue to make a real difference in the lives of people who are suffering in the midst of the pandemic. It’s powerful to see how, despite
everything, Stephen Ministers everywhere are out there bringing the healing love of Christ to those who are hurting. May God bless your ministry and keep you safe.

In Christ,
Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director
We’ve also just released additional resources, including a new video, to help you recruit
Stephen Ministers and meet the growing needs for care all around us.
To view these resources, visit stephenministries.org/serve.