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Time to Serve


No Time to Serve? That’s What You Think!

by Barb Mazarakos


Time. For so many of us, it is our most precious commodity. After all, we can earn more money, but we can’t get back lost time. Often when it comes to volunteering at church, we seem to think we need a tremendous amount of time to give. While it’s true that there always seem to be big roles to fill like heads of committees, there are plenty of opportunities right here around Christ Lutheran where you could be involved as much or as minimally as you can spare.


For example, there are our music programs. A variety of choirs are open to those who have the joy of song in their heart. You don’t need to have formal training; our Music Director Sandy Knopp welcomes anyone who would like to participate in the youth and adult choirs. If you like more traditional music, join the rich sounds of the Christ Choir. Prefer more modern choices? Joy and Praise might be for you with their monthly practice and leadership at services once a month.


Those who are more comfortable with the spoken word could volunteer to be a reader on Sunday mornings, worked into a rotating schedule of those who share the Old and New Testaments from the pulpit prior to the Gospel reading. Our usher teams also work on rotating schedules, helping at their designated service each week of the month before the next team takes over for the month to follow. (If you can’t commit to four consecutive Sundays, don’t worry. The holidays bring many opportunities to usher for single services at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Just look for the special sign up sheets on the narthex table).


If your forte is working with children, the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs could always use extra hands. Know of an older parishioner who would love to come to church if only they could get a ride? Offer to pick them up. Have a special skill in one of the trades? Things always need fixing or upgrading. If you like to drink coffee and chat with nice ladies as you assemble quilts or have a way with words or are crafty and like to work with your hands, we have spots for you as well!


The bottom line of all of this is that there is no minimum amount of time you can give that will help make a difference. When it comes to sharing the Word of God and caring for His children, there will always be room for one more. So, if you’ve been praying about a way you could get involved in this Stewardship month, talk to Pastor Ray. Ask him to direct you to the group you would like to be a part of. We would love to have your help!