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(Part 2 of 2)

by Heather Green

In part one of this series I provided some biographical information about the members of the Stewardship Committee and highlighted our roles within the team. In this part I will explain briefly why each of us has chosen to be on the Stewardship committee.


As I mentioned in part one, the focus of the Stewardship Committee is to share our time and talents with others in the Christian faith. You, the newsletter readers, see the evidence of this in the monthly newsletter as well as the updated website.


Pete Shrank, lifelong member of CELC, is the congregation President and serves as the acting chair of the Stewardship committee. He chose to serve on the Stewardship committee because of the focus on new technology, including social media, and the potential outreach to new and prospective members. Pete has often made the analogy that social media and the website are to Christianity today what the printing press was to Christianity in Martin Luther’s day.


Barb Mazarakos. also a lifelong member of CELC, chose to serve on the Stewardship Committee because she has served in one capacity or another since she was 12-years-old, when she was an aide in Kim Shontz’s Sunday School class. Serving on the Stewardship committee allows her to share her talents for writing, editing, and coordinating team members. Barb manages the social media messages and edits all the newsletter articles each month. She believes that “[God] has a way of bringing everyone right where they should be, and for me, right now, [the Stewardship Committee] is it!”


Heather Green grew up in CELC but moved away in high school. Even when not a member of CELC, Heather served as a Sunday School teacher and was very active in her church in Virginia. When she returned to CELC, she had a preemie baby to take care of so volunteer opportunities were limited. Barb extended an invitation to write for the newsletter and Heather accepted. She has always loved writing and by contributing an article to the newsletter each month, Heather gets to share her talent as well as her faith with others.


Chris Chleboun continues to serve on the committee long-distance when a new job required a transfer. She compiles the newsletter for distribution every month, sharing her talent for technology and design. Chris also grew up at Christ Lutheran and has volunteered her time in several areas around the church, including VOYAGERS, music, and following in her dad’s footsteps as an usher.


Dean Porzel occasionally writes for the newsletter but his big contributions are behind the scenes maintaining and updating the Church website. Serving on the Stewardship committee, for Dean, is another opportunity to share his time and talents with others. You may best recognize Dean for his wonderful musical talent, both vocally and as a guitarist with Joy and Praise.


If you are interested in learning more about the Stewardship Committee, would like to contribute an article, or have an idea for a topic you’d like us to cover, please reach out to Barb Mazarakos at bnm72405@yahoo.com . You never know when God may have a new direction for YOUR time and talent!