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Music Cross

by Pete Schrank


As the season of summer moves to my wife’s favorite season, fall, we get back into the swing of things. Weekday School begins and the teachers, students, and support staff start getting back to the important tasks of learning. In the church, we get back to Sunday School, Choir practice, added services, Bible Study, Book Club and Confirmation instruction. Taking a break from weekly Church attendance due to vacations, sports, or a summer home is now put aside.


After the summer break, the Christ Choir, Cherub Choir, Youth Choir, Men’s Chorus, Handbell Choir, Junior Chimers, and Youth Orchestra all get back to making a joyful noise. I think that expression is perfect for what we should be doing in Church. There are many serious parts of the Church year, like Lent and Holy Week, but the overall mood and spirit of worship should be one of joy. We have been saved from a well-deserved eternity of pain and suffering in Hell. We can do nothing to win our own salvation as Christ has done it all for us.

The youth of Christ Lutheran do a fantastic job growing their young faith. They chime and sing praises to God, Christ Jesus, and all the saints of the Church. In recent years, it has been encouraging to see the young men participate in CELC music. Years ago, there were very few male members in Youth Choir, but these days we have very talented male performers.   I even sang in the youth choir a lifetime ago! The Handbell and Adult Choirs allow us to share our talents, great or small, with God and our fellow worshippers.


Our Music Director, Sandy Knopp, provides the leadership for all the groups listed above.   Her talent for piano and organ as well as her vocal skills are truly a blessing to all who attend worship. The biggest, and perhaps the best, “Joyful Noise” maker we have in Church is the pipe organ in the balcony. It has 1320 pipes! There are really three organs; the Hauptwerk, the Pedalwerk, and the Positiv organs. This masterpiece of old-world craftsmanship is patterned after European pipe organs built hundreds of years ago. Materials used to build and voice the organ came from both Germany and the US. In order to “voice” the organ (tune the organ), it took the church over one month to complete. From the 1975 organ dedication: “The intent of the organ builder is to give Christ Lutheran Church an organ fully capable of leading the congregation in joyful worship of God through active singing of the liturgy and hymns, through balanced accompaniment of the choir, solo voices, or other musical instruments.”


We look forward to a new year of joyful noise at each and every worship service!