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Faith in Action


Cemetery Board Actives and Duties

by Arlene Gronwold


The Cemetery Board has six members who care for all the activities of Christ Lutheran Cemetery (147th Street and 82nd Avenue). These activities include transacting the selling of lots ($1,000.00 current price) and making the arrangements with our contracted grave digger to assure the smooth and dignified burial of the departed, regardless of the weather.


The board also makes sure the cemetery grounds are in tip top shape. This includes arranging for the regular mowing and fertilizing of the lawn and the timely removing of snow.   Tree limbs, sticks, and the ever-present windblown trash is also cleared by this hearty group of volunteers.


The board oversees and schedules physical improvements that need to be done to keep the grounds safe and well maintained. Recent widening, blacktopping and seal coating of all the driveway surfaces as well as installation by one of the board member of a shed to keep the trimming and other gardening supplies are a good example.


Last fall a flag pole with surrounding paver bricks was erected in a prominent location at CEL Cemetery. This was an Eagle Scout project for our own member Conner Sterling. The flag is dedicated in honor of all the veterans and is flown 24 hours a day with the help of solar panels, batteries and a bright LED light.


A few days before Memorial Day every year some of the board members place an American flag on each veteran’s grave, and a special plaque is placed on the grave of the only veteran who was killed in action (Vietnam). On Memorial Day Monday a short service is help on the cemetery grounds to commemorate all the veterans buried there.   The American Legion Honor Guard performs a touching ceremony that includes the posting of the colors and the firing of three volleys.  Christ Choir sings several patriotic hymns during the service, and Pastor Rohlfs reads the names of the 77 veterans currently buried at the cemetery. Those in the audience are then invited to name any veteran from their family who has died in action.


Remember that Memorial Day is to honor those who gave their all for their country and our freedom, not a national cook out day, so please take some time to remember the fallen!