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Easter Lilies



“Lent to Easter Lillies”


As I write this April article the days are getting longer. Last week marked the Vernal Equinox and signaled, by both the increasing light and the warming temperatures, the creation is awakening from its winter slumber. Among the signs of spring are the shoots emerging from flowering bulbs.


The lily, the traditional flower for Easter, is captured in the stained glass art of Christ Lutheran. That last window on the Baptismal Font side of the church is powerful in its proclamation. Its white recalls the angelic brilliance of the resurrection, shining with the wonder of Jesus’ victory over sin, death, and the grave. The trumpeting flower symbolizes the message of the Gospel of Christ crucified and Christ risen.   In our Easter worship tradition at Christ Lutheran, the Gospel for the Sunrise Service is the account of our Lord’s personal appearance to Mary Magdalene and His sending of her with the news of His resurrection to the disciples. Mary bore the first personal word of the resurrection from our Lord to the world.   At Easter, the news of life restored through Jesus is trumpeted to us and through us. For me, our Easter Lily window is a reminder of that joyful and hopeful proclamation.


In these days of Lent to Easter, we have a special opportunity to share the message and hope of the risen Savior with our community. On April 13 we will again host our Easter Eggstravaganza here at Christ Lutheran at 10: 30 a.m.  What is the Easter Eggstravaganza? In short, it is the Easter Story, creatively told and sung, and 8,000 eggs! It is a time to trumpet the joy of life in the risen Savior to community and church. I hope that you will join us this year. Contact the church office to help, or come and bring a neighboring young family with you.


Yes, sign up now to donate a lily or other spring flower for the chancel on Easter, but most of all let’s join together as Easter Lilies: washed white in grace through the crucified and risen Lord and proclaiming the new life Jesus seeks to give to us and to all people.



In Christ,

Pastor Ray+