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“Growing in Christ” through CELC Sunday School     Sunday School

By Heather Green 


September marks the unofficial start to fall – pumpkin spice begins to flavor everything from ice cream to coffee, children are back in school, and at church, the summer worship schedule is ending. Returning to the fall worship schedule also means kicking off a new year of Sunday School.


We are anticipating another successful year of Sunday School, beginning September with the theme of “Building our life on the right foundation through Prayer and Worship.” This is such an important lesson for shaping our relationship with God. Keeping Him at the center of our life, as the foundation, is part of being a Christian.


Once we have established the right foundation, Sunday School will be moving on to the Reformation, which is especially relevant this year as we recognize its 500th anniversary. Just as making God the center of our lives is an integral part of being a Christian, recognizing the importance of the Reformation is integral to being a Lutheran.


From there Sunday School will move on to many other exciting themes, with many lessons coinciding with special holidays. At Thanksgiving students will learn about “Feeding the 5000,” and at Christmas they will learn about the “Birth of Jesus.” The focus in January will be “New Beginnings” with the 10 commandments and in February it will be “Love and Forgiveness” with the story of the Prodigal Son.  March and April, Spring and Easter will also have season appropriate lessons with the mustard seed and the Resurrection, respectively. Finally, in May we will end the year with “Fishers of Men,” encouraging students to “Go forth, praising God, spreading the Word.”


Sunday School will meet every Sunday at 9:30, starting September 10th. And remember, Sunday School is not just for children – there are adult Bible Study groups for men and women and Adult Education classes on Sunday at 9:30 as well. Please check the bulletins or the website for more information.