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Stewardship Overview of Committees:  What Do They Do?Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Good_Shephard




By Barb Mazarakos 


Oh boy. Talk about a daunting assignment to write on. What does a Pastor do? I suppose I could provide you with a list of Pastor Ray’s current duties, but honestly? It wears me out just to read it. I could tell you how he makes hospital and homebound visits and checks in with those who have had a variety of procedures, taking time to pray with them and ask after them for days, weeks, and even months after procedures, offering up prayers not only with those who have gone through the event but their family members as well. Anyone who serves on a committee in this church knows that Pastor is often sitting in on at least part of a meeting (because he usually has to go to one of the previously mentioned hospital visits) and works closely with Christian Education, Trustees, OWLS, Ladies Aid, Stephen Ministry, Acolytes, Crucifers, and Stewardship among many others. And of course we know that he meets with those planning weddings, baptisms, and funerals before celebrating those services with us.


Of course then there are the smaller meetings with Cub Scout and Boy Scout families who are working on their religious education emblems (count mine among those!); weekly sermon prep; meeting with staff members including the Director of Music, office staff, visiting clergy, and coordinating Lay Eucharistic Ministers; facilitating book club; guiding curriculum for 7th and 8th grade Confirmation classes; teaching remedial Confirmation lessons to a small number of new students each year; meeting with potential First Fruits recipients; District meetings and responsibilities; and developing and coordinating mission projects for the church, like our involvement with St. Matthew’s soup kitchen. What’s that they say about Pastor’s only working on Sundays?


Well look at that- it seems I have given you a list after all. Well, a partial list anyway. Because the job of a Pastor is so much bigger than this. In addition to dozens of other tasks they do on a regular basis, a Pastor represents his flock. He tells the Good News of the Bible to those he meets. He prays for us both in church and in the quiet moments he can squeeze into his day. He brings comfort to those who are sick or scared or weary. Even when some days HE is the one who is sick or scared or weary. A pastor is called by God but we also need to remember that he is human. So please pray for all of our pastors, particularly for Pastor Ray, Pastor Walt, and those who minister to our Christ Lutheran family. Pray they stay strong and healthy. Pray that they get the help they need to serve their congregation and the rest to be able to continue their ministry. And pray that they continue to hear God’s Word. Because more than anything, THAT is what a pastor does for us.