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By Peter Schrank     


Outreach to the community happens in many ways and is done by many groups at Christ Lutheran, Orland Park. Education leads VBS, Evangelism does CHOICE Bakers, MBS sponsors the Have-A-Heart spaghetti dinner, Stewardship supports our web and social media outreach, First Fruits support many different organizations outside of the church, and home welfare takes care of those who stop by for a helping hand. I could go on to mention many more activities, but you get the idea.
All these things are meant to support God’s Kingdom and in some ways grow the Lutheran
Church. To that end, LCMS.org has provided Lutheran Church leaders other tools to reach out to those around us who may be looking for a new church home, those who want more from church, those who have been de-churched, and even those who do not know Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The program is called Everyone His Witness. This is not simply a part of who we are as God’s people in the world, it is, in Martin Luther’s words, “the only reason for which God leaves us in this world.” This is the great commission given by Christ before his ascension. As we witness to friends, family, co-worker, and others we can use the tools provided by LCMS,

L-A-S-S-I-E. (This is not the classic 60’s TV show, but a simple acronym

L= listen, to what is on the heart and mind of God’s children close to you.

A=ask questions so that you can listen more.

S=seek, a point of connection

S=share, God’s Word: the only thing that can change people’s heart.

I=invite, keep the conversation about Jesus going

E=encourage, follow up and follow through
In the coming months we will be exploring the possibility to holding a workshop here at CLEC Orland Park to equip our members to carry out this most important ministry. Please let Pete Schrank know if you are interested in this opportunity.