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Many may ask, what is the role of an usher and which responsibilities do they hold?  Ushers are among the first church representatives we meet upon entering the church and provide a first impression of Christ Lutheran.  They greet you with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome, and a helpful hand if needed.  Christ Lutheran ushers help to keep order, to help create a spirit of worship, reverence, and friendliness in and about the church, and work in collaboration with service leaders.   The purpose of ushering is not merely to serve people, but to be in service to God.

Ushers hold a variety of responsibilities on the day of a worship service.  At Christ Lutheran, ushers are assigned to teams of 4, always with newer ushers paired with more experienced ones.  Arriving 20-30 minutes prior to worship service time, ushers help prepare the church for guests by straightening hymnals and pews, distributing service bulletins, offering directions,  and assisting with seating congregants.  During church services the ushers help keep order in the sanctuary, collect offerings, count attendees, escort people to Communion, aid those who need a helping hand, and assist pastors where necessary. They would also assist in cases of emergency or medical situations.  After the worship service has concluded, ushers help tidy the sanctuary, narthex, and fireside rooms.

Christ Lutheran welcomes ushers to serve at a worship service (Saturdays at 5PM; Sundays at 8, 9:30,or  11AM) of their choosing, one month at a time, with the possibility of serving a total of 3-4 months of the year.   Also, you may consider helping on a “fill-in” basis, to see if ushering is for you!  Ushers are age 14 and up and require no previous experience, just a willingness to help others.  If interested in learning more, please call the church office or feel free to contact Clarence Chleboun at (708) 361-0764 or c_chleboun@hotmail.com

USHERS NEEDED We are in need of ushers for ALL worship services. Responsible adults and youth (high school age and older) – men and women – are encouraged to sign up. As an usher, you will serve a month of Sundays, followed by two months off. Additionally, ushers assist the Pastor as required. A great way to meet new people while serving God! “On-the-job” training will be provided. If you would be interested in serving on one of our ushering teams, please contact Clarence Chleboun at 708-361-0764 or the Church Office at 708-349-0431.