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By Ray Delcourt      


If Martin Luther were alive today and was to post his theses, would he just use post it notes? Would he be even more of a celebrity now than he kind of was back then? (I mean, those who followed his beliefs WERE called “Luther”ans, right?) Martin Luther was and IS really awesome, and if you want to have a true hero in your life (sorry Bruce Wayne) it is ROCK STAR LUTHER!

Not only was he considered one of the most important German composers prior to Bach, he translated the New Testament into German! Before that it was able to be read primarily by priests, and that allowed them to interpret the Bible to the masses as they wanted. This was a “game changer” in itself, but it also had another permanent effect. It unified the German language and without wanting it, gave Martin Luther lasting fame. There are even tours throughout Germany highlighting locations of his accomplishments!
Luther was a humble soul; he himself entered the monastery but became doubtful of the Catholic Church. He asked them to stop raising money “by selling indulgences” which, as you can imagine, stirred the hornets’ nest with the Pope and those in leadership. Wanting to have his soul heard and God’s Word read, within three months his 95 Theses were able to be read across Europe thanks to that day’s social media….the Printing Press.   Lutherans begin to grow and, like the late Paul Harvey would say, “We are the rest of the story”. Please read and research and enjoy this wonderful person in history. He may not have meant to go out and change the world, but he was a person of action, and that often brings out the best in us in all.