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Church as We Travel  
By Pete Schrank 

(from May 2015)

    We travel for many reasons- vacation, work, adventure, and to escape Chicago winters. Over the years I have had the pleasure to visit many different locations. I have gotten to go to faraway places for work that I would never travel to on my own. During those trips I have visited a number of churches from a number of denominations: a Catholic Church in Ireland for a Good Friday service in Gaelic (they had a Lutheran Church in Dublin but the services were in German); a Baptist Church in Iowa that put the hymns on TV monitors; A Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church that was only about fifty people but filled with God’s spirit; and an LCMS church in North Carolina where the guest preacher was from Guatemala. All these worship opportunities gave me more appreciation of the plans God has for me. My mother and father spent over 20 years going to Florida and had a home church there as well as here. Their churches supply them communion, bible study, fellowship, and support.
There are many reasons we go to these churches as we journey. Number one is to remember it is not the messenger, but the message that is important. We grow in faith whenever we gather with fellow believers. Also we get to see different preachers, approaches, and models of worship. We can bring these things back to our home church and suggest to our Pastor or President what we may want to change.
As you journey through life remember to take time to sample the local food, see the interesting sites and experience the local community of faith. And as you travel this summer, remember that God is with you, no matter where you may be. Wherever you find yourself, may you find His house with doors open, waiting for you to come in.
Originally posted in May, 2015