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Fishers of MenĀ Fishers of Men

By Ray DelcourtĀ 


Legend tells the story: A boy is on the beach tossing Starfish back in to the ocean one at a time. There are thousands of them on this beach. The young boy just keeps picking one up and heaving it into the watery abyss. An old man from the village harkens him and yells out, “BOY, stop throwing those Starfish into the ocean. You are wasting your time! There are too many…you can’t make a difference!”
The young boy looked at him with a crooked smile, nodded, knelt down and selected the biggest Starfish he could find and catapulted it into the brine! He then briskly turned back to the craggy old man, and said, “I just made a difference there.”

Go forth and make a difference. Do so with the wonderful abilities and gifts that God has given each of us. Do so in His name and TELL people it’s in His name. A recent study showed that just over half of people of faith “Share their Faith” with others. Of those just 7% do so on a regular basis.
Put your faith into action and find a way to let people know that you are part of Christ Lutheran Church. It is our job as followers of Christ. There are many Starfish left out there, so take off your shoes, feel the sand and start throwing! Don’t be surprised if you see another set of footprints in the sand.