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C.L.E.W.S. News

By Patti Bareither, C.L.E.W.S. Director/Teacher


May is a very “happening time, especially if you have children, so before I go on- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you who have been wonderful Christian role models for your families! This time of year is filled with end-of- the-year programs, concerts, award ceremonies, Confirmation, “Thank You Luncheons”, sport finals, etc., and life is no different at CLEWS….

At CLEWS the THREE YEAR OLDS are learning about God’s miracles: rainbows, caterpillars to butterflies, seeds to flowers and vegetables, and what a great miracle each child is are all great examples!

Included is a photo of Luke O’Reilly celebrating his 5th birthday, which happened to coincide with the very same day the FOUR YEAR OLD CLASSES  took their annual field trip for Lunch On The Train with their families! With balloon in hand, Luke led the parade down the aisle of the train as he and his classmates marched while families sang “Happy Birthday.”As you can see the train conductor was extremely welcoming!

All classes are gearing up for their 28th annual Teddy Bear Picnics which have been our closing celebration for the THREE and FOUR YEAR OLD PROGRAM at CLEWS.

The staff at CLEWS recognizes that not all children mature at the same rate and this kind of celebration in lieu of a “graduation” acknowledges and supports those parents who have chosen to give their child the “Gift of a Year.”As an educator for the past 50+ years, I have followed many children who were afforded this opportunity to mature, develop, and gain confidence. They are now successful adults. (This could possibly be a topic for a future newsletter.)

Gather up your children and enjoy this wondrous spring weather! As the saying goes, the days may be long but the years are indeed very short.