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The Inspiration for the “New” Addition

by Heather GreenThe Inspiration for the New Addition

September 30, 1990 – in some ways it seems like yesterday and yet it was twenty-five years ago. This was the day the gymnasium, also known as Ledogar Hall, was added to the church. It was the first part of the new addition which would ultimately add two large classrooms, the conference room, a separate office for each minister, the music director, and a director of Christian Education. Additionally, prior to the expansion, there was no area for a bride to prepare before the ceremony, nor was there an area for fellowship after services. This would all be accomplished with the planned expansion of the church.


As with any extensive and potentially disruptive project, there was certainly doubt: was this the right time? Is a new addition the best move for the church? There were no absolute answers but the church needed the additional room. So, as a congregation it was decided that the new addition would be added.


I originally began investigating the new addition based on the allusion to “an interesting story” but after speaking with about a dozen people regarding the expansion, I have concluded that this is a legend. I was unable to uncover any interesting story but what I did discover was an example of Christians coming together for the best interests of all involved even when faced with obstacles and difficulties. It may not be remembered that during the construction, the church offices were relocated to the gymnasium. They ended up sharing the gym for the Rummage Sale and other business-as-usual activities. I cannot imagine the amount of flexibility and cooperation it took to share limited space and meet everyone’s specific needs, yet we did it. As Christians, we made the best of a challenging situation and persevered.


We gained a beautiful Fireside Room where the coffee and conversation is plentiful after services. We gained two new large classrooms for C.L.E.W.S., which has grown into one of the best pre-school programs in the area, while instilling the importance of Christianity in young children. We gained individual offices for Pastor Ledogar, Pastor Rohlfs, Julie, and Sandy, with an additional conference room. But most importantly, we gained many more spaces where we can experience and share Christ together through the Church.