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The Changing Art of Giving

by Barb MazarakosThe Changing Art of Giving


There’s no doubt about it- time is changing. Things seem to be moving at lightning speed, from the way we eat (“fast” food) to the way we do laundry (anyone still use a clothesline?). Even the way we teach our children has sped up. Remember when you would go to kindergarten and sing songs, have graham crackers and milk for a snack, and walk away at the end of the year singing the ABC’s? Now they go into 1st grade reading chapter books and doing double digit math (I bet you can’t tell how I spend my time from 4-5 every afternoon!) Some days I feel like I can really relate to country singer Miranda Lambert, when she croons in one of her more recent songs, “It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic.”


As full as many of our days now are, however, I have come to embrace the ease of automatic bill payments. I can sit down for a short time once or twice a month and take care of 90% of our monthly bills via on-line payment (or better yet, autopay.) This frees up so much more time for my family, friends, church, children’s activities, and that dreaded 1st grade homework. Christ Lutheran has recently partnered with Paypal to provide one way of automated giving to the church when you sit down to pay the rest of your bills on-line. You can simply go to the church webpage (ChristLutheranOrland.com) and click the Giving to Christ Lutheran Church link at the top. You fill in your contact information (don’t forget to add your envelope number with your name so you can have the records for your taxes) and click “Donate” at the bottom. Here you can make a payment with your Paypal account (if you have one) or credit card. Easy as that! You can even set it up for a monthly payment option. And for those who may feel self-conscious when the plate gets passed, look for the laminated “I gave electronically” cards that will soon be in the pew backs. You can drop that in the plate when it’s time for offering, along with your communion registration.


For those not as comfortable with on-line giving, you can visit Office Manager Julie Jancik during the week to fill out a slip for Direct Deposit from your bank, to be done on a weekly or monthly basis. You just need to bring in your account number, routing number, and the amount you want to give each week (or month) and Julie will help you take care of the rest. For those looking for more of a long-term giving option, you might want to consider CLC’s Endowment Fund. The gifts from this fund are held in trust and invested with the guidance of a professional advisor. The gifts from the endowment are used for things like Building and Grounds Maintenance, Youth Events, Evangelism and Technology Updates. These gifts can be made in honor of a special person or event, as part of a Will and Trust agreement, or in various forms such as Stocks, Securities, and Real Estate. If making and Endowment donation via check or the website, please make sure to notate it as “Endowment Gift” in the memo section.


Of course, for those who prefer the pen and checkbook (or even cash), we still have the weekly offering envelopes (as well as generic envelopes on the back of the pews for those weeks you run out the door and grab the checkbook as you go.) Just make sure to mark your envelope number on all checks and envelopes to ensure credit for your end of the year reports. However you choose to give, know that your contribution is helping throughout the church. Building improvements, outreach programs, and ministries throughout the year are supported by the faithful giving of our Christ Lutheran Membership. So this month and always, we give thanks for YOU. The dedicated givers-and do’ers- of CLC. Without your support, this would be a much different place.


“What shall I return to the Lord for all His goodness to me?”


Psalm 116:12