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Christ's Welcom MatChrist’s Welcome Mat

by Walter Burden

Church over 11 years ago, we felt welcome.  Christ is blessed with people who volunteer each Sunday to shake our hands and welcome those who enter the church doors.  Our Pastors start out each service with a word of welcome.  We have a quiet tradition as a welcoming church with the kind reception to people whose arrival gives pleasure to us.  No matter if you are a newcomer, a returning member, or a current member at Christ Lutheran, people are encouraged to be faithful when we feel welcomed.


Current member Wendy Zerbs recently told me how she was glad that Christ was celebrating on Thanksgiving Eve with an 11am service.  She said “I am inviting an old friend who I haven’t seen in a while to join me at that service.  She could use something to lift her spirits”.  What better way to help someone feel welcome and thankful at such a wonderful holiday?  As Pastor Ray carries a newly baptized baby around the sanctuary, we welcome them into our Christian family of faith.  Our youth are encouraged to bring friends to events as they are always welcome.  From the Owls to Evangelism’s Eggstravaganza, our ministries welcome newcomers.


November is stewardship month.  It’s not just a time to take stock of how we tithe or volunteer, but also in serving God in simple ways.  I grew up learning the value of doing at least one good deed a day.  When practiced, it turns into a way of life in working to serve God daily.  By making people feel welcome at Christ Lutheran and acting on it weekly, we change lives, through the power of Christ our Lord.


As we are all guests at the table of Christ, we are invited to join His feast.  How will you roll out your welcome mat?

by Walter Burden