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by Barb Mazarakos

Sitting in her Sunday School class at Christ Lutheran when she was a young girl, Ashley Hutter never thought that she would one day be leading the music classes at Vacation Bible School, but this year she will be doing exactly that. As a soon-to-be graduate of Saint Xavier University with a BA in Music, Ashley is looking forward to sharing her new-found knowledge as well as her excitement with the hundreds of children who will be filling the classrooms of this building in just a few short weeks. As a youth, Ashley participated in both the Cherub and Youth choirs and participated in more than a few Sunday School Christmas programs. In the last couple of years she has assisted CLC Music Director Sandra Stancik during VBS, and this year she takes the lead role on herself.


What makes Ashley’s journey to a future in music (she plans to get a degree in Education next so that she can open even more doors for herself) is that she has struggled with dyscalculia, a variation of dyslexia which affects the way an individual learns math. It specifically can present visual-spatial difficulties, which can affect what the eye sees (particularly difficult for a music major) as well as processing difficulties in what the ear hears. This has been something Ashley has learned to overcome, and is so passionate about helping others overcome the stigma related to dyscalculia and related learning disabilities that she will be making a presentation for her Senior Project at SXU in the fall taking on this very subject. She wants people to know “all of us can be successful. Nothing is impossible, you just have to change the way you teach things.” What a great perspective for her to have and share with others!


As for VBS, what Ashley said she is most looking forward to is making sure the children enjoy their time in music and are engaged in what is going on. She has been talking with VBS coordinator Nancy Burden as well as Sandy Stancik to make sure this year is as successful as past years have been. She wants the children to expect to have fun and be surprised; and from a girl with Ashley’s determination,¬†great things are surely in store for Vacation Bible School-and for her future.