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by Barb Mazarakos

   Have you ever taken notice of the beautiful banners that adorn the sanctuary throughout the year? They change for the season, event, or as in the case of our recent Holy Week celebrations, sometimes even for the day. These symbols of faith are created by a committee of dedicated and talented women who work on a case by case schedule to provide the inspiration that subtly adds to our worship each week. A committee that began with the vision of Ray Koehler is now a group of 7 women with various areas of creative talent including art teachers and seamstresses. The group currently consists of Helen Duehr, Jane Tucker, Chris Liberatore, Dianne Dougherty, Marlene Kaiser, Charlotte Lisius, and June Zoellick. These ladies just completed a new banner for Palm Sunday and are currently working on the biggest project they have this year: Confirmation Banners.

   This year, the committee will be creating 22 banners along with design input from the confirmands themselves. The group meets with the 8th graders in February and listens to their ideas for the Bible verses, symbols, meanings and designs they would like reflected in their individual banners. Then the ladies get to work, and along with assistance from Les Stark who creates the stands for the banners, they complete their projects for unveiling to the confirmands and their parents within about 2 months. These not only serve as meaningful decorations for the Confirmation Service,  but also as a beautiful reminder of this special day that each student gets to take home with them afterward.

   In addition to the confirmation banners (which have numbered as high as 38 in recent years), this amazing group has put together banners for Christmas, Easter, All Saints Day, and last year’s 125th Anniversary of Christ Lutheran Church. Take a moment the next time you are in the sanctuary to admire the detail and dedication put into each of these beautiful banners, and be sure to say a prayer of thanks for those who help keep our church beautiful. Their work is truly a treasure.