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   by Barb Mazarakos

   This time of year it seems like they are everywhere, tempting us with their delicious chocolaty, minty, and lemony goodness. They are Girl Scout cookies, and they are irresistible! And while the annual cookie sale may be what many of us know the Scouts for best, there is so much more to this group of girls and women whose numbers are now approximately 3.2 million strong.

On Sunday, March 9 Christ Lutheran Church, along with many others across the country, will recognize Girl Scout Sunday during our services. Scout Leader and CLC member Kathi Sterling will make a presentation to the church recognizing members who are part of local troops for their involvement within their community. These girls are part of the larger Girl Scout community whose mission is “Building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.” While the Girl Scout organization is a secular one, the principles of their Girl Scout Promise and Law have many common values with a number of religions and form a natural connection to serving the community.

Girl Scout Week is always that of March 12, which commemorates the date in 1912 when Girl Scout USA founder Juliette Gordon Low registered the first group of 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia. It begins with Girl Scout Sunday and runs through the following Saturday (also known as Girl Scout Sabbath). Girl Scout Sunday provides a wonderful opportunity for these young ladies to both worship and be recognized by their faith communities.

CLC currently hosts a local Daisy Troop for the youngest group of scouts, and these girls will be selling cookies following services on March 9 to not only support the Girl Scouts, but also to help them gain skills in communicating with people, grow their confidence, and learn the beginning steps of money management. These same girls have helped with the last 2 CHOICE bake sales at Christ Lutheran, and as Evangelism Committee Chair Linda Day commented, if the number of Daisy volunteers continues to be as high as they were for the pie bake, the girls just may be able to do their own event!

To find out more information about the Girl Scouts programs, including how your child can be a part of the organization and how you can donate your time, please visit their website at www.girlscouts.org.