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There can be no doubt that music adds to the beauty of any worship service. Whether it is traditional and melodic or contemporary and upbeat, music can wrap not only the worshipers, but the participants, up in a way that words alone may not do. Here at Christ Lutheran we have numerous opportunities for music participation, and for all ages.

Children from Kindergarten-12th grade can find a place in the Cherub, Youth, and Jr. Chimers groups throughout the year, or in the Youth Orchestra during Easter & Christmas. For the post-confirmation aged group of the church, there is the Christ Choir, which meets each Wednesday from 7-8:15pm, as well as Joy & Praise (the contemporary choir that performs one Sunday a month at all three services and practices the Monday just prior from 7-9pm), Men’s Chorus (singing twice a month and practicing on the 3rd Tuesday), and Handbell Chorus (practice Tuesdays twice a month). Opportunities for all ages to perform during Advent, Lent, and over the summer are also available.

You don’t have to have musical training to be a part of the music programs at CLC, just a love of music and a song in your heart. Music Director Sandra Stancik would love to see you at one (or more!) of the groups that are available. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have at (708) 349-0431, ext. 227. Come on out and be part of the fun!