The Faith and Congregation class, offered twice a year, in the fall and late winter, is led by Pastor Ray Rohlfs.  The class will discuss the basic teachings of our Christian and Lutheran Faith and the congregational life of Christ Lutheran. It serves to prepare those with non-Lutheran backgrounds for membership in the congregation and as a good refresher for current members.  All interested people are welcome in the class, and there is no expectation of membership at its conclusion. The class is open to all and free of charge. For more information contact Jamie in the Church Office, 708-349-0431, or by e-mail to




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FAITH AND CONGREGATION CLASS The winter session of FCC will be held on the Sunday afternoons of January 15, 22, and 29 from 1:00-2:30. Pastor Rohlfs will lead the group in a study of Christianity from the Lutheran perspective and in an overview of congregational life at Christ Lutheran. A good review for current members, the class also enables those from non-Lutheran backgrounds to join the congregation (should they choose to do so). Class will meet in the office conference room. To register, phone or e-mail the Church Office (


FAITH AND CONGREGATION CLASS FCC continues this Sunday, January 22, from 1:00 to 2:30. Class will meet in the office conference room

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