Christ Lutheran Book Club is a monthly gathering of “readers” who meet to discuss books of Christian faith/theological  import.  Some books are written by Christian authors with whom our teachings line up well.  Other books are written by Christian authors of other traditions whose writings might be challenging in some ways.  Still other selections are popular secular books that raise important theological or moral concerns.   Every year we try to select a book that is being read in the schools of our community so as to connect with our younger friends. 

The Club normally meets on the evening of the 4th Tuesday of the month, with the exception of December, during Lent and the summer months.  Club members suggest books for reading and discussion with Pastor Ray and other members leading the sessions.  Past book selections can be seen on the upper shelf of the Fireside Room bookcase and are available for loan on the honor system.  Contact Pastor Ray for more info at 708-349-0431. 




2020-08-06 18:44:02 dporzel


BOOK CLUB The next meeting of the Book Club will be Tuesday, September 29 (NOTE: fifth Tuesday), at 3:30, both in person and Zoom. We will be discussing Why Is That in the Bible? by Eric Bargerhuff. Published by Bethany House on August 18, 2020 (our most recent book ever read!). Available on Amazon.

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