Christ Lutheran Cemetery, located at 147th & 82nd Avenue in Orland Park, IL., has been in existence since May 1, 1906. A section immediately south of the original property was purchased in 1986, making it possible to have two driveways off 82nd Avenue for a separate entrance and exit. In 1991 an exchange of land to the west was made between the cemetery and the owners of Silver Lake Country Club.

In the early 1900’s, a cast iron gateway bearing the cemetery name graced the entrance. The present sign, which can be read from either direction, was installed in 1995.

There are a total of 2,058 spaces in the entire cemetery. The cost of each gravesite is $600 and the opening charge is $1,100. Lots are for sale to all Lutherans and their families. Please contact the church office at 708-349-0431 for more information.  The CLC Cemetery Board can be reached via email at:


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DIRECT BURIALS AT ABRAHAM LINCOLN CEMETERY The 2019 dates for direct burial at
Abraham Lincoln Cemetery are Tuesday, January 8, Thursday, April 11, Friday, July 12, and
Monday, October 21, 2019. All services begin at 9:00a in Shelter C. The public is invited to

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CHRIST LUTHERAN CEMETERY At a previous meeting, the Cemetery Board voted to raise
the purchase price of a cemetery lot to $1,000.00 on January 1, 2019, based on charges at
comparable local cemeteries. Lots are currently available for $800.00 until January 1, 2019.
Please direct requests for funeral lots and all other inquiries for the Cemetery Board to
their new email address:

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Time to Rest

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by Barb Mazarakos


Death. We don’t like to talk about it. Some don’t even like to think about it. For us as Christian people, we know that there is life beyond what we experience here on earth. This is simply a temporary home for us, and true Victory- true life- is in Heaven with those who have gone before. But the fact is that no matter how much we don’t want to talk about it, eventually our time on earth ends and those we leave behind are often faced with making decisions on our behalf. This is where the Christ Lutheran Cemetery Board can be most helpful.


I turned to board Co-Chair Marlene Kaiser for some background information, and what she provided me was more than I could have expected. I have personally had the opportunity to attend a burial at the cemetery (located just west of 82nd Avenue at about 147th Street, right next to Silver Lake Country Club) and know it to be a well-maintained piece of land, but I had no idea that there  wasn’t a professional service to come in and collect the trash that is left behind- that falls to the seven members of the cemetery board. They also do a major spring and fall clean up, leave flags at the gravesites of our veterans for Memorial Day, and work with funeral directors and the various maintenance companies who take care of grass cutting, snow removal, and fertilizing to keep the grounds looking their best throughout the year. There are also two men not on the board who are a tremendous help  with debris removal and upkeep; Marlene tells me the board doesn’t know what they would do without these two wonderful people!


Formally established May 1, 1906 when the property for the original section was deeded from Carl and May Storz to the Trustees of the Evangelical Lutheran Christ Church, Christ Lutheran Cemetery became a part of Orland Park. Mrs. Kaiser goes on to tell,  ” An additional section immediately south was purchased on March 3, 1986 from Violet Kaster.  This allowed two driveways off of 82nd Avenue for a separate entrance and exit.  On August 5, 1991 an exchange of land was made between the owners of Silver Lake and the cemetery.” Prior to the church owning the grounds, there were eleven burials. The first one was Baby Vogt, on November 4, 1883. More than 100 years later in 1995, the present sign was installed to replace the cast iron gateway placed in the early 1900’s which now alerts people to the cemetery coming from both directions of 82nd Avenue.  And though it may not seem that large from the road, there are a total of 2,058 spaces in the cemetery (850 of which are still available, and can be purchased by contacting the Cemetery Board through the church office).


Plots are currently available to any Lutherans and their immediate families, which would include spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters. It is truly a beautiful, well taken care of property, and when asked, Marlene responds that she wishes more people knew that this peaceful place was a part of our church. One of the many ways the cemetery serves the community is through an annual service on Memorial Day. Beginning at 10am, the service is lead by Pastor, as well as Music Director Sandy Knopp and the Christ Choir. The local American Legion comes to present colors and do a gun salute, and the Cemetery Board places flags at the graves of all of our veterans prior to the service. It is a service well worth attending and I would encourage you to bring a lawn chair if you may need a seat, and come out next Memorial Day to say thank you to those members of Christ Lutheran who have served our country. How lucky are we to have these grounds so close to our church home, and so lovingly cared for by its Board, to help take the sting out of death when it is finally our time to rest?


1 Corinthians 15:55- 57 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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FUNERAL INFORMATION Several copies of the “Funerals/Memorial Services at Christ Lutheran” packet that Pastor Ray has prepared for families with whom he ministers are available on the narthex table this weekend. If we run out, request a copy in the church office or at

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The cemetery has new signs at the entrance and exit driveways, also a one-way sign. The Cemetery Board is grateful to Dennis Smith, Dale Marsh and Mike Kut for their help installing them. Everyone is encouraged to drive there (located at 147th and 82nd Avenue) to see how neat and attractive our little church cemetery is.

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