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by Dean Porzel

NID’s “LENTEN INSPIRATION” is Saturday, March 30, here at Christ Lutheran Church. We will begin at 8:15 with Registration and fellowship and conclude at 1:15 following lunch. See Arlene Gronwold if you have any questions. Pre-registration was required.


by Dean Porzel

  Lenten communion services continue this Thursday, March 21, at 11:00 (a lunch after) and 7:00, under the theme: “Beatitudes of Promise.” Lenten services will continue on Thursdays, March 28, April 4 and 11. The evening Lent services will take place in Duehr Memorial Chapel.


by Dean Porzel

    This year’s Easter Eggstravaganza will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 10:30 to 12:00. Volunteer forms available soon. We will be stuffing eggs on Mondays, March 25 and April 1, at 6:30, downstairs in Fellowship Hall. Please come help us out…and bring a bag of candy if you can. We have many […]


by Dean Porzel

    Easter lilies and a variety of spring flowers will adorn the chancel on Easter Sunday, April 21. The cost of each plant is $12.00. If you would like to purchase a plant to decorate the chancel, a sign up and payment envelopes are available in the narthex (a small table is set up […]


by Louis

SUPPORT THE PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY TREASURE CHEST FOUNDATION’S 10 th Annual Treasuring Our Kids Annual Fundraiser, “A Mad Hatter Dinner Party”. The Treasure Chest Foundation is an Orland Park-based, non-profit organization that provides comfort and distraction from painful procedures to children and teens diagnosed with cancer by providing gifts from a Treasure Chest. Enjoy a wonderful […]


by Dean Porzel

  Stop by our tables in the Fireside Room following all services on Saturday and Sunday, December 16 and 17. The Haitian Christmas Market will have handmade Haitian artwork and crafts available for purchase. All proceeds will go to support our continuing efforts in Haiti.

Honoring the Saints    

by Dean Porzel

  By Barb Mazarakos  “Saints” are not something that many would associate with the Lutheran church in the same way that we do with our Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters. We don’t elevate them to a higher “position”, or offer prayers to them as intercessors to God. As Lutherans we are taught that we […]


by Dean Porzel

If you would like to borrow a DVD copy of † Pastor Ledogar’s Homegoing Call to Glory Service, please sign the sheet and return the copy when you are finished. The DVDs and copies of Pastor’s service liturgy can be found on the bookshelves in the Fireside Room.


by Dean Porzel

Honoring her cousin Sharon’s memory, CLC member Sandie Falco is collecting desperately needed school supplies. These supplies will be distributed first to the children of unemployed and underemployed members and friends of the Christ Lutheran congregation; any additional supplies will be divided between the Orland Township and Sanctuary Lutheran Church (Manhattan). Items can be deposited […]


by Dean Porzel

WIND CHIMES FOR WELFARE is an effort to help increase funds for the Home Welfare Ministry of Christ Lutheran Church. The wind chimes, in different designs, will depict symbolism of colors, themes, and organizations. These chimes are for indoor use only. Chimes will be displayed and available in the Book Shoppe area for a free-will […]

Setting a Strong Foundation

by Dean Porzel

Setting a Strong Foundation       By Barb Mazarakos      January 22-28, 2017 marks National Lutheran Schools Week throughout the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Education has been a firm priority for the LCMS since it began back in 1847 with just 12 congregations and 14 schools. What a blessing it is then that in […]

Carol Ledogar

by Dean Porzel

A message from Mark Ledogar Carol, wife of Pastor Walt, and mother of Mark (Julie) Ledogar and Paul Ledogar, died on Monday, August 15.   A note from Pastor Ledogar:   Dear loved ones,   It’s hard for me to comprehend that one month ago today, Carol was hospitalized which began our journey towards her […]

Fishers of Men

by Dean Porzel

Fishers of Men  By Ray Delcourt    Legend tells the story: A boy is on the beach tossing Starfish back in to the ocean one at a time. There are thousands of them on this beach. The young boy just keeps picking one up and heaving it into the watery abyss. An old man from […]

Voters Meetings: Why Do We Need Them?

by Dean Porzel

Voters Meetings: Why Do We Need Them? By Peter Schrank Individual LCMS Churches are led by their members, not by a larger diocese or administrative body.  We do not have Bishops and Archbishops to oversee the administration of church matters.  What this means is that Lutheran Churches are required to have essential semiannual voters meetings.  […]

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by Dean Porzel


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