During the Passover Ceder, a sterling silver Seder plate is used to arrange six items which retell the story of the exodus from Egypt. Traditionally, this is the focus of the ritual meal which Navy Cmdr. Joel D. Newman, chaplain of Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Air Wing, I Marine Expeditionary Force, during a visit to Okinawa here April 18.


On Maundy Thursday, April 9, at 6:00 (NOTE TIME THIS YEAR), our evening service will be a service which incorporates many traditional foods and elements of the Passover and the Sacrament of Communion. It was during the celebration of the Passover meal that our Lord gave the gift of Himself in Holy Communion. Our Maundy Thursday service will approximate that first Eucharistic celebration and will include a full meal with traditional Seder foods and non-traditional foods that appeal to contemporary tastes while respecting Seder traditions. Pastor Ray is now gathering a committee to develop this worship meal and service. Several people have already volunteered, including Paul Ledogar. Please text or phone Pastor Ray at 708-341-0431 if you would like to help with this project. He intends to hold committee meetings during the early afternoon hours. Please note that the traditional Maundy Thursday service will be held at 11 a.m. on April 9.